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Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 5.41.13 PMThe only way to enjoy all the best that the Wyndham area has to offer is at The World’s Longest Lunch. Nestled in the historic grounds of the Werribee Park, the Shadowfax Winery will play host to the highlight of Victoria’s social and culinary calendar.

After having canapés and a pre-lunch drink in the beautiful surroundings of the vineyard, indulge in four courses of fresh, regionally sourced food. Each course is also matched with a wine, handpicked from the vineyard by Shadowfax’s sommelier. Tickets are on sale now and be sure to get in early as there’s no better way to be completely immersed in Victoria’s food and culture than at this long lunch table!

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When:            31st of March 2017-01-09
Time:              12-4PM
Address:       Shadowfax Winery, K Road, Werribee